It doesn’t matter how long you think about it, it will round up nicely
The funniest pizza concept you can imagine

Find out what we do in Ibiza to the world

Pizza show

Well, what can I say, making pizza didn’t seem enough, so we mixed it with a few years of dance and clown theatre. Hold on to your wig, this is serious.

Events and weddings

Street food vibe, on the dancefloor or while you are soaking in the pool, but always with a gastronomic level that will give you the goose bumps and a pizza man that is always causing a stir.

Private Service

It's okay to order pizza at home, but with a pizza man, wood oven, sourdough, gourmet pizza and all the vibe you can imagine, doesn’t it sound like a better plan?

Consulting and Business

I already knew that you were going to freak out with our vision and that you wanted some counselling or doing something together. Very easy, if a plane gets there, we also do and if not, we get on the internet and we will be there anyway.

Pizza Chef Enterteinment Services

The classic, gourmet or acrobatic pizza with class, quality and plenty of humour.  Freak out as much as you want, but it’s exactly like that: in your house, at the beach, with the company or at a wedding.  Pizza Chef Entertainment comes wherever you fancy.

Pizza show

This is insane!

A show of between 15 and 20 minutes which is pure explosion.

The best theatre combines pizza juggling with modern dance steps, jokes, live music and lots of humour for all kind of public.

In case it wasn’t clear enough, it’s the pizza man himself who takes care of everything.

If you put the show together with an event or a private dinner, you’ll feel like a champion… and you deserve it.

This part is available for stages, festivals, private events, fairs, dinners or anything in which you would like to have that extra touch.

Events and weddings

Take your event to a whole new level.

Whatever you celebrate there will always be food, and the pizza bar fits in well everywhere. If then the pizza man is half a clown and half a maniac chef, you have the ingredients for a great party.

Sourdough pizza and wood oven is the standard, so whether it’s in the beach, countryside or wherever, we will set everything up in the blink of an eye.

Your choice between biodegradable tableware, something a bit more professional with service or a mix of both. For sure, the important thing is that the pizza is gorgeous and the pizza man spices everything up with jokes, acrobatic pizza, dancing and a lot of attitude: basically just like being in any Italian colourful street.

Here are some ideas: snacks during your wedding dance, your company’s annual meeting, a birthday party or that massive party you are thinking about.

Private service

Just as easy as ordering a take away.

But we will arrive a bit earlier with our wood oven, we wear a very cool uniform, we set up our riot and the pizza as you knew it will be at a whole new level.

We are up to date offering you the latest gourmet and traditional flavours until you beg us to stop, we give you a small break, and as a finishing touch, we take out one of the dessert pizzas from our selection that will make you fall off your chair.

And the pizza man? He is a character who dances, plays, screams and juggles pizza – an Italian spark with a lot of humour.

We work with sourdough, quality flours, local and bio products, and we are experts in special dietary requirements: just let us know in advance and we will sort it out.

This format is designed for quite small groups and we offer a very high quality personalized service and relaxed atmosphere.

Consulting and business


The challenges of new projects are what make us really excited.

Technical and artistic advice for hotels, restaurants or organizations dedicated to the hospitality industry, but also companies from any other field that want to give a further twist to their team buildings, annual meetings and product launches.

We get on board with extraordinary interest and we add a plus to your projects with great vibes

Promotions, show cooking, cooking courses or acrobatic pizza, team building, product launches, openings: we sign up for everything without even thinking about it.